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Creating a Database in DirectAdmin

Step 1: Log in to your DirectAdmin Hosting Account

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to your DirectAdmin login page. The URL should be something like: example:2222 (replace "" with your actual server's hostname or your own domain name).

  2. Enter your DirectAdmin username and password to log in to the control panel.

One-Click Login for Asura Hosting Customers

We also allow one-click login through the Client Area

Step 2: Access the MySQL Management interface

  1. In the DirectAdmin dashboard, scroll down to the Account Manager section.

  2. Click on MySQL Management to access the database management interface.

Step 3: Create a New Database

  1. In the MySQL Management page, click on Create new Database to create a new database.

  2. Enter a unique name for your database and database user in the provided field.

  3. Enter a password for the database in the Database Password field.

  4. Once complete, click the Create Database button to create the new database.

Creating Additional Database Users (Optional)

  1. After creating the database, navigate back to the MySQL Management interface.

  2. Click on the Database you would like to add the new database user too.

  3. Click on the Create New User button to create a new user for the database.

  4. Enter a username and password for the new database user.

  5. Click the Create button to create the new database user.

Modifying or Granting Database Permissions (Optional)

  1. To modify user permissions, navigate back to the MySQL Management interface.

  2. Click on the Database that you would like to modify the user permissions for.

  3. Click on Modify Privileges next to the user.

  4. Grant/Remove the specific privileges for the user (e.g., SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc.)

  5. Click the Save button to save the new privileges.