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Creating a web hosting plan in DirectAdmin

When creating website hosting packages or plans within DirectAdmin you have the option to customize several different factors/features. For instance, you could create Package A which could have 20GB of storage while Package B has 50GB, this is especially useful if you plan on creating upgradable tiers for your users.

Creating a hosting plan for your reseller account

1. Log in to Direct Admin.

This is in most cases found at your-domain:2222, although you can also directly login to your reseller account from our Client Area > Services > Click on the reseller account > Login to DirectAdmin

2. Changing Access Level

Within Direct Admin, Navigate to Access Level > Reseller

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3. Navigating to the Manage User Package application

Click on the "Manage User Packages" application under the "Account Manager" section.

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4. Add & Save the Web Hosting package

Click on the "Add Package" button.

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You will now be presented with a range of settings and options that you can configure for your hosting package, simply configure the settings to your requirements and click on "Save" to create the new website hosting plan.

Your website hosting plan should now be created and can be assigned to any new or existing account under your reseller hosting account.

Customizable DirectAdmin hosting package features

A list of all configurable options for DirectAdmin hosting packages, along with their short description.

Feature Description
Bandwidth (MB) Maximum amount of allowed Network Bandwidth usage
Disk Space (MB) Maximum amount of Storage Space
Inode Amount of file inodes allowed. (Total number of files)
Domains Amount of domains/websites the package can add
Sub-Domains Amount of sub-domains the package can add (ex:
E-mail Accounts Amount of email accounts the package can create.
E-mail Forwarders Amount of emailing forwarders the package can create.
Mailing Lists Amount of mailing lists the package can create.
Autoresponders Amount of emailing autoresponder's allowed.
MySQL Databases Number of databases allowed to be created.
Domain Pointers Number of pointers allowed. It is basically a domain forwarder that allows you to forward one domain to another.
FTP Accounts Number of FTP accounts allowed.
CGI Access Access to the ability to use CGI scripts
PHP Access Access to run PHP files
SpamAssassin Access to configure SpamAssassin, an email spam filter
Catch-All E-mail An email address that catches all email sent to a domain, regardless of if the email address is correct or not
SSL Access Ability to issue SSL certificates
Cron Jobs Ability to create cron-jobs
System Info Ability to view server information, like storage, CPU, etc.
Login Keys Ability to create login keys for DirectAdmin's API
DNS Control Access to DNS Management for the hosting account
Suspend At limit System will suspend if the user hits package limits
Skin We recommend setting this to "Evolution"
Language Will set the default language of the users control panel
Package Name The name of the hosting plan/package

Editing an existing web hosting package

If you ever require to edit a certain web hosting plan or decide later on to tune a specific feature, you can do so by navigating to the "Manager User Packages" application in your DirectAdmin account and click on the web hosting plan you wish to edit.

Using Feature Sets

Feature sets give you the ability to completely disable certain functions of a web hosting account. Feature sets can be found towards the bottom of the page when adding a new hosting package or customizing an existing one.

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The following set of feature sets can be disabled/enabled:

  • Core Functions: Basic features of a hosting account, including the file manager, domains, etc.
  • DNS Only: Ability to edit/manage DNS records for the hosting account.
  • Email Only: Ability to view, create, receive and send emails.

Using Feature sets to create an email only hosting package for DirectAdmin

Feature sets can for instance be used to create email-only web hosting accounts, these are hosting plans that only have the ability to email.

When viewing the feature set section, click on "Allow Selected" and only select the "E-mail Only" option.

This will create an email-only hosting plan, where the user can only use the hosting account to send, view and receive emails.