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Getting added to Shoutcast's public directory

If you are running on a Shoutcast streaming plan, you'll be able to list your station in their public directory completely free-of-charge.

Getting listed within Shoutcast's public radio directory helps you gain exposure for your radio station, as it is among the biggest audio directories in the world and is used daily by thousands of listeners worldwide with support for over 20+ music genres.

Registering a Radio Manager account

You will first need to register a Shoutcast "Radio Manager" account, as it will be used to add your streams details, genre, etc within Shoutcast directly.

This can be done by registering on their site here.

Once you have registered an account, simply add your radio station and fill out the required details. You will then be given an "Authhash" key which you will use in the next step.

Adding your Authhash key to your Shoutcast stream

Firstly, you need to login to CentovaCast. Your CentovaCast login details should be sent via email when you first signed up for an account. We also allow direct login through the Client Area

Now that you have logged into CentovaCast, go to Server > Admin

Your Shoutcast's main server page will then load, on the top-right click on "Server Login"

It will then prompt you to login, use the following details to login:

Input Field Input Value
Username admin
Password Your CentovaCast password

Alternatively you can also visit your Shoutcast's station admin login URL directly, although you do need to know your stations port. The URL would be as follows:

Where "" would be your server's hostname and "3889" would be your streams port.

Once logged in, simply click on "Create authhash" and enter in the authhash you got from Shoutcast. Our system will then automagically ✨ sync your radio station within Shoutcast's public directory.