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Managing Shoutcast

How to access Shoutcast's admin area

  1. Login to your CentovaCast
  2. Navigate to Server > Admin (This will take you to your default streams Shoutcast page)
  3. Click on "Server Login" on the top-right of the page
  4. A new page will open with a pop-up login form. Use the following details to login:
User: admin
Pass: Your CentovaCast password

Banning a specific IP or IP Subnet in Shoutcast

  1. Navigate to your Shoutcast admin area
  2. Click on the menu link called "Ban List"
  3. Enter the IP or IP subnet you would like to ban within the form and click "Ban IP"
  4. This will now block the IP or IP Subnet from accessing your stream

This is especially useful if your stream has targeted dormant/bot listeners which are affecting your streams reports.