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Adding Domains and Sub-Domains in cPanel (Jupiter Theme)

In confusing fashion, cPanel has removed their old addon/sub-domains sections from the new cPanel "Jupiter" theme entirely. The steps below outline the new steps on adding your additional domains or sub-domains to cPanel through the new Jupiter theme.

Step 1: Log in to cPanel

Log in to your cPanel account using your cPanel username and password.

One-Click Login for Asura Hosting Customers

We also allow one-click login through the Client Area

Step 2: Navigate to the "Domains" Section

In the cPanel dashboard, navigate to the "Domains" section and click on the "Domains" icon/application to access the new domain management interface.

Step 3: Add the new Domain or Sub-Domain

Within the "Domains" interface, click on the "Create A New Domain" button and fill in the domain name or sub-domain you would like to add within the domain field.


Make sure to also untick the "Document Root (File System Location)" option unless you want the domain or sub-domain to load the same website as your cPanel accounts main domain name as it will share the same public_html folder if this option is enabled.

Click on the Submit button once you have filled out the details. cPanel will then add the new Domain or Sub-Domain to y our cPanel account.