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Setting up Auto-DJ in AzuraCast

Auto-DJ is a powerful feature in AzuraCast that allows you to automate your radio station's playlist and schedule, providing seamless 24/7 broadcasting. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Auto-DJ in AzuraCast.

Step 1: Accessing AzuraCast

  1. Log in to your AzuraCast account using your station's details. This is in most cases found at the URL (Depending on your nodes hostname)

    One-Click Login for Asura Hosting Customers

    We also allow one-click login through the Client Area

  2. Once logged in, scroll down to the "Station Overview" Section and then click on the "Manage" button next to your station. This will take you to the main dashboard for your station, where you can manage all aspects for your AzuraCast station.

Step 2: Start your station

  1. In the AzuraCast dashboard, locate and click on the "Start Station" button on the top-left of the dashboard page.

  2. Once started, this will now both start Auto-DJ and your broadcasting service.

Step 3: Uploading Media Files

Uploading files to AzuraCast can be done in two main methods, if you have a small amount of files its best to just upload them directly to AzuraCast. If you have a lot of music files and playlists you need to upload, we strongly recommend uploading via SFTP.

Uploading through AzuraCast directly

  1. Click on the "Media" tab > Music Files in your AzuraCast dashboard

  2. Click on the "Select File" button or simply drag/drop the files in the upload box section.

  3. Choose the media files (songs, jingles, ads, etc.) you want to upload from your local device.

  4. Wait for the files to finish uploading. AzuraCast will process and organize them automatically.

Uploading through SFTP

If you have a rather large playlist, uploading through SFTP is recommended as it can handle a large bulk of files at once.

  1. To setup SFTP, Navigate to Media > SFTP Users

  2. Click on "Add SFTP User" and enter the required details.

  3. Once you have saved the details, on the same page you'll see the connection details for your specific AzuraCast account, it'll contain the Server name/IP and SFTP Port you have to use in your SFTP client to connect.

SFTP Connection field Details
Username username 
Password password 
port 2022
protocol SFTP

Step 4: Adding Music Files to Playlists

  1. Go to your AzuraCast Dashboard > Media > Music Files and select the files that you uploaded in Step 2.

  2. Once selected, click on the "Playlists" button and then select the playlist you would like the songs to be added too. Once selected, click on the "Save" Button to add those music files to the selected playlist.


AzuraCast comes with a "Default" playlist that you can use initially. If you would you like create your own custom playlists with their own schedules and configurations, we have a guide on creating custom playlists in AzuraCast here

Auto-DJ should now be setup and will now seamlessly start playing the songs you have added to the playlists. You also do not need to restart your stream for it to pickup on any new songs you might add in the future as well, it will detect them automatically.