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How to create an email address in cPanel

To create an email account with cPanel simply login to your control panel (Usually located at or

  1. Once logged in, look for the Email Section and click on the Email Accounts setting, as illustrated below

    Image title

  2. Once presented with the Email Accounts page, simply locate and click on the Create button

  3. An email account creation form should now be generated, simply fill in the details/settings to your liking and click “create”

    Image title

    • Username: The username of your email account, which is the email address basically. For example,
    • Security: The password of your email account
    • Storage Space: The total disk space that the email account is allowed to use from your total hosting accounts disk space.
    • Create Folders for Plus Addressing: Basically creates a new folder if the email address is addressed with a “+”. For example an email sent to will open a folder under “Tom” within the email account. We would recommend keeping this enabled.