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Client Account Tiers

We have developed a new system to reward customers that have proven to be trustworthy based on time spent as well as other factors like the number of active products, Always maintaining a positive invoice paying profile, etc.

We currently base this off of 4 account tiers: New, Tier I, Tier II & Tier III

Depending on your Account Tier, you will have access to a number of rewards such as the following:

  • Global Lifetime Recurring store discount, with an account-based global discount code on new products.
  • Instant provisioning of accounts, without any manual review or setup.
  • Access to Exclusive Products
  • More soon to come


We currently look at the following criteria when deciding account tier:

  • If products are kept Active
  • How long Active Products have been Active
  • Maintaining a positive invoice paying profile
  • Registration Age of client account
  • Number of Active Products

To see your account tier, simply visit the client area. If you have a tier it will display first in the block section.

We can't stress this enough, thank you for your loyalty

We do hope you enjoy our new reward system!