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Setting up your turnkey storefronts domain

To set up and configure your storefront's domain name, proceed to do the following:

  1. Log in to our Client Area

  2. Navigate to the "Resellers Area" link within the headers Menu.

  3. Navigate to the "Configuration" Tab within the turnkey reseller control center.

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  4. Set your sub-domain within the "Domain" field. This will assign the sub-domain to your storefront.

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  5. Now you will have to set up the DNS for the sub-domain to correctly load from our servers, to do this point the sub-domain you used in Step 4 to "" using a CName DNS record. You can also make use of an "A" record, but we recommend setting a CName record so if we were to change IP addresses later on, your domain will remain unaffected.

  6. Once you have pointed your storefronts sub-domain to our servers with a CName record, simply contact us to get the sub-domain whitelisted. Once whitelisted, your domain will be fully functional.

Why use a sub-domain?

We always recommend using a sub-domain for your storefront as this will allow you to create your own website on your root domain.

The recommended setup is as follows:

  • Storefront/Client area:
  • Your own website: or