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Main Turnkey Store Dashboard functions within our Client Area

The Clients section

Will allow you to handle details of your customers, including invoices, orders, etc.

The Invoices section

Displays all invoices made through your turnkey store.

The Orders section

Displays all orders placed through your turnkey store and allows you to search for various orders if needed.

The Tickets section

This is your turnkey store's Help Desk, where you can respond to clients who opened tickets through your store.

The Pricing section

This is where you set up the pricing of various products within your turnkey store. You can also enable/disable the products.

The Configuration section

This is where you input certain settings for your turnkey store, including the Domain, Company Name, Logo, Etc. You can also edit email templates within this section that are sent to your customers.

The Statistics section

Displays your turnkey store's revenue, monthly sales and the total clients managed under your Brand.