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Unblocking your IP from our network

Sometimes our firewall can block your IP and you will lose access to your site/account while using your local network, this can be caused by numerous events such as the following:

  • Numerous failed login attempts to your hosting account.
  • Numerous failed login attempts to your email account.
  • FTP access with multiple 50+ connections can cause a blockage.
  • Failed WordPress login attempts.

There are a lot more events that trigger our firewall, but those are the most common and are likely what caused your IP to be blocked.

How to Unblock your IP

  1. Login to our Client Area

  2. Go to Support > Unblock IP Address

  3. Click on the "Check for IP Block and Remove" button, and it should then proceed to check our network for your IP. It can take 10-20 seconds for this to fully complete.

  4. Once it has finished scanning our network, it should then prompt you with a success message notifying you that the IP has been removed from the block list if it was blocked initially. It will also proceed to display the reason for the blockage.